Thursday, January 31, 2008

Practice Story 3: Break-in

A meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was broken into early this morning at around 2 a.m., witnesses say. The meetinghouse is located at 900 North 1600 East in Logan, Utah.
Sheriff Deputy Geoffrey Hasty said that some computer equipment, including two CPUs, were taken, while two monitors were found smashed in the hallway outside of the bishop’s office.
“I came in to fix some ceiling tiles,” said physical maintenance manager Robert (Bob) Knotz, who came in to repair tiles at 6 a.m. Knotz found the front door to be unlocked, so “(that) was my first thought that something was amiss, so I opened the door and there were two monitors smashed. That’s when I realized something was wrong. So that’s when I called for help,” he said.
Bishop Larry Shirk had been the last person to leave the meetinghouse before the break-in occurred, at about a quarter to 11 the previous night. He had locked all of the doors, but left his window open in his office.
“It had been snowing, hailing last night, and that’s why I opened the window, to listen to the storm, and obviously I forgot to close the window,” Shirk said.
Shirk also noted that confidential information on the CPUs had been erased since they were getting retired in exchange for newer models.
One citizen in the neighborhood had heard the sounds of the break-in, but assumed that it was the sound of the garbage truck. 85-year-old Evelyn Breathwaite remarked that she heard some noise at 2 a.m., but thought it was the garbage truck. However, when she checked her garbage cans and found no truck there, she went back to bed.
“I never felt like (the neighborhood) was never safe,” Breathwaite said. “This is a safe neighborhood, this is not a very common occurrence.”
“It looks like (the case) doesn’t look to complicated,” Hasty remarked. “(It involved) two juveniles… I’m just glad nobody was hurt.”
Knotz also noted that this was the first time that any sort of break-in had occurred at that particular meetinghouse, though he doesn’t suspect the thievery was any sort of malicious act against the LDS Church in particular.


usumatty said...

You write very well, I'm actually jeolous haha. I really like the way the whole thing flowed, it was well written. You also included many quotes which brought meaning to the story. How the heck did you write all of that in like ten minutes? I'm not much of a typer haha. Anyway your story was well written, and thanks for my first comment about TO, you sound like a sports fan, and thats good! lol

Matt Ferris

Colby Bair said...

Hey good job. The only thing I wasn't sure about was right at the beginning. I don't think there were any witnesses, just the old lady that thought she heard something.