Thursday, January 24, 2008

Practice News Story 2: Fire

A fire broke at 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday, at 2100 South Washington Blvd. in Ogden. Five people were in the building when the fire spread- two in Pedro’s Restaurant in the basement, and three upstairs, including two girls of the age of four and two, who along with their father were taken to McKay-Dee Hospital.
Deputy Fire Chief Greg Chamberlain suspected that the fire was probably started by a grease fire in the restaurant, a fact that was confirmed by restaurant owner Pedro Sanchez.
“I was cooking hamburgers… the grease came on really fast. I told Michael (Freeman, a customer inside the restaurant) to call somebody. Then dark smoke came,” said Sanchez.
While the two people in the restaurant- Sanchez and Freeman- escaped, 27-year old Miguel Sanchez, Pedro’s brother, and his two daughters Maria and Mercedes weren’t so lucky. They had to be taken to McKay-Dee Hospital shortly after the fire occurred.
Pedro Sanchez remarked that he is a legal resident in the United States, as is his brother Miguel, who is currently waiting for a working visa so he could work in the restaurant with him. Sanchez remarked how he enjoyed operating the restaurant in the two years he has been in the country.
“I like my restaurant. I like being here in America. My brother came here wanting to help with his two girls. We were wanting to grow bigger with the restaurant.”
Apartment owner Rachel Calhoun had no comment on the incident.


kandicrompton said...

I think you did a good job, just one error though. Miguel was treated at the scene and only his girls had to be taken to the hospital. Very informative!

usumatty said...

I thought your story was very well done. It seemed like we barely had time to write this one, but you did very well with your time. I really liked the way that you went from the deputy fire chief to the owner of the restaurant. That flowed really well good job. Ohh and for the record, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are the best team in the league! well maybe that is wishful thinking, but you can never say bad things about your team right? haha....Good job on your story