Monday, February 4, 2008

David West and Josh Smith on the All-Star teams?!

The NBA All-Star reserves were announced four days ago, and though I agree with most of the coaches' overall selections, there were a couple of instances that made me scratch my head.
David West was named to the Western Conference roster?
Josh Smith was named to the Eastern Conference roster?
These were two named that really blew me out of the water when I first saw the listings of the reserves on ESPNews. Though West's New Orleans Hornets are currently one of the best teams in the NBA, with the second-best record in the Western Conference, he did not deserve to go to the game. He has decent averages of about 19 points and nine rebounds per game, but are these All-Star numbers? A fellow power forward that is on the All-Star roster is Carlos Boozer, who is averaging over 22 points and almost 11 rebounds per game, not to mention shooting a very higher percentage than West. Or Dirk Nowitzki, another power forward averaging 22 points and 10 rebounds per game, and as a seven-footer is also shooting over 35 percent from the three-point line. Besides, the Hornets already were going to be represented in the game by a very-deserving Chris Paul.
I guess the coaches were feeling generous to the Hornets for two reasons: number one, because they are a very good team this year, and secondly, because the game is being played in New Orleans. Maybe the coaches are being mindful of the fans, who will be paying big bucks for the game and would be more than happy to see TWO of their own players in the game.
I feel like that All-Star selection, however, should have gone to Golden State's Baron Davis or Utah's Deron Williams. Both players are point guards who are commandeering their clubs to fine seasons, as both the Warriors and Jazz are currently in the playoff picture. They matter to their teams much more than West does to the Hornets; in fact, they are their respective teams' MVPs, much like West's teammate Paul.
In the East, an All-Star spot went to Atlanta Hawks swingman Smith. While a great talent, who can shoot from the outside and can jump out of a gym, Smith is not an All-Star, at least not yet. This spot most definitely should have gone to Boston's Ray Allen, whose teammates Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are on the team. Allen matters to the Celtics' success just as much as Garnett and Pierce do. The Celtics would not be as good as they are without all three of those superstars. With only two of the three, Boston would be average at best. It does not do the Boston organization justice to not include one of these three players who have sacrificed much of their own personal glory for the success of the team this season.
In addition, what has Atlanta done this year, especially in comparison to Boston? Go 10 games under .500? Simply said with the facts, Smith is not nearly as pivotal to Atlanta as Allen is to Boston.
I agree with all of the other selections for the game. I thought that New Jersey's Richard Jefferson would be on the East roster rather than the Wizards' Caron Butler, but I can let that one slide. Two spots that I cannot let slide at all, however, are the two above-ranted selections.

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