Thursday, November 29, 2007

Party Poopers win first round of playoffs; next round tonight at 6:30

The Party Poopers, an intramural basketball team at Utah State University, have won their first round game of the playoffs, and are set to take on the next opponent in the one-and-done postseason tonight at 6:30.
After finishing third in the four-team pool of teams in round-robin play, the Party Poopers faced a 2-2 team in the playoffs. With just three players, due to one (Nick Michaelson) having to work at JC Penney that night, compared to six for the other team, the Party Poopers prevailed in the best-of-3 series nonetheless, winning 32-22 in the first game, falling 32-29 in overtime the second game, and winning the third 22-16.
What was worse for the Party Poopers in that contest was the fact that two of their three players, Rhett Wilkinson and McKell Bowen, rolled their ankles in Game 2, a heartbreaker that featured a deep, 23-foot buzzer-beating three-pointer from the opponent to force the game into overtime, before they won it in the extra time.
However, the Poopers perservered, taking the third game. The win, and a trip to the next round, was sealed by Wilkinson's swoosh from 13 feet.
The four players- Wilkinson, Michaelson, Ryan Reid, and Bowen- are peaking at the right time, and have as good a shot as anybody in the upcoming four rounds of the tournament.

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