Monday, November 12, 2007

Guarantee This, Glenn: Utah 50, Wyoming 0

Utah walked all over, around, above, below, and through the Wyoming Cowboys Saturday afternoon at Rice-Eccles Stadium.
Halftime score: Utah 40, Wyoming 0.
3rd quarter: Utah 43, Wyoming 0. Ute coach Kyle Whittingham calls for an onside kick. The Utes would have recovered, but grabbed the ball after 9 1/2 yards rather than allowing it to go a couple more feet for the required 10.
Final Score: Utes hit the half-century mark to make Cowboy coach Joe Glenn, who guaranteed the victory in front of Wyoming students, look absolutely stupid.
The Utes rolled up 505 yards of offense, while doing it in style. Utah run a "fumble-rooskie" play early in the game, with freshman Jerome Brooks running it in for six points on the left side as most of the Wyoming defense was looking towards the right side at quarterback Brian Johnson. The Utes also scored touchdowns on a reverse play, a hook-and-ladder, and later on a 41-yard flip pass from punter/kicker Louie Sakoda to huge 300-pound lineman Neli A'asa, which led to a one-yard TD run from Darrell Mack the next play.
On the other side, the measly Cowboys mustered just 122 yards of offense.
Obviously, the Utes made good use out of their bye week.
Some Wyoming players took offense to Whittingham's onside-kick call, particularly junior running back Wynel Seldon, who promised the Utes payback next year in Laramie.
Yeah, we'll see how well he can live up to that promise.
However, after the game Whittingham explained that he was simply trying to ensure the victory, because apparently Glenn "knew something about the outcome of the game that (Whittingham) didn't know," said the Ute head coach.
Good for Kyle. He sent a message back at Glenn, and proved a point to Wyoming and anybody else who wants to make a guarantee about their game against Utah.
Because, looking at how the Utes responded after Glenn's remark, any others who dare make a guarantee better watch out.

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