Sunday, September 9, 2007

Utah State loses another fourth-quarter lead

Utah State football lost their second fourth-quarter lead in as many weeks yesterday, Sept. 15, vs. Wyoming in Laramie.
USU held an 18-14 advantage before being blanked 18-0 in the fourth quarter en route to a 32-18 defeat.
The Aggies, despite trailing 25-18 with five minutes left in the game, were still in contention even with a punt. The Aggie defense could have at least mustered a defensive stand against the Cowboys, giving the offense one last shot.
However, Leon Jackson fumbled the ball on the Aggie 25 on a 3rd-and-6 run, leading to a quick and easy Wyoming touchdown and nail in the coffin. Jackson's fumble marked the second time in as many weeks that Utah State has essentially been done in with a fumble late in the game.
USU will be 0-3 after a loss at Oklahoma on Sept. 15.

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