Friday, September 7, 2007

'Smallville' soars into seventh season September 27th

On September 27, 2007, the CW program 'Smallville,' which chronicles the earlier life of Superman, premiers its seventh season.
Episode 1, 'Bizarro,' will pick off where Season 6 ended, as Lex Luthor has dispatched the phantoms from the Phantom Zone, created by Clark Kent's Kryptonian father Jor-El, to use their DNA to power the bodies of U.S. soldiers from the Middle East. The last and most elusive phantom, however, took hold of Clark's body, prompting Clark to ask "What are you?" The phantom promptly replied, "I'm you... just a little more bizarre!" This line refers to a Superman nemesis in Bizarro, who is an exact duplicate of Superman, turned-upside-down.
Other story threads to be resolved in Season 7 include the futures of Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan, two characters who were seen in fatal situations in the Season 6 finale.
After six years, Clark finally told the truth to Lana about who he is, though she had found out six episodes earlier. Lana, also disguisted by the lies and deceit of her forced husband Lex, promptly tells Lex that she is done in her relationship with him. The next scene we see with Lana is her getting into her SUV, when all of a sudden, the SUV explodes. Is this retaliation by Lex? Is Lana truly dead? Or was she even in the car after all?
Chloe, known to be so sacrificing for the sake of her friends, sacrifices herself through a revealed power in saving Lois Lane from death. Lois had gone to investigate Lex's secret labratory 33.1, where he was storing the soldiers, when she got fatally stabbed by a lab guard. Chloe, always intuitive as a budding top-flight reporter, follows the trial to the site of Lois. In her grief, Chloe cries over her cousin, revealing a tear that reverses the effect of death and turns it on Chloe. Though it has been debated over whether Chloe has a healing power created by the effects of kryptonite, or whether it is a supernatural power of sacrifice, I believe it is a power of sacrifice.
Other new events to be seen in Season 7 include the arrival of Supergirl, who will have all of the same powers of Clark with the addition of flight. When Kal-El (Clark) had been sent to Earth as a baby at the time of the destruction of Krypton, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), as a teenager, had been sent by her parents to watch over Kal-El on Earth. However, her spacecraft had gotten stuck in suspended animation, freezing her aging as Kal-El continued to grow on Earth. Now, in Season 7, Kara has escaped the suspended animation and finally arrived on the planet, albeit younger than the person she was intended to watch and protect. However, Kara knows much more about her Kryptonian past than Clark does, allowing her to teach Clark much about who he and his race is, thus assisting in his growth to Superman. This fact has also been confirmed by "Smallville" head writer Al Gough.
Other storylines to be seen in Season 7 include the increasing evil of Lex Luthor, the mutual interest of Lois & Clark, and the ever-elusive motives of Lex's father Lionel, which include his relationship with Clark's mother Martha and his approach as a self-proclaimed "father figure" to Clark. The first six seasons of this show has been nothing but a success, and Season 7 promises the same.

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