Thursday, March 6, 2008

Posted: Nov. 19, 1863

Practice News Story 7: Speech
A 'Great Task Remaining before Us'
Lincoln captivates the audience in his gripping "Dedication to Devotion" speech

GETTYSBURG, Penn.- President Lincoln gave a stirring address in the dedication of the Gettysburg battlefield, yesterday, November 19, 1863.
On a hot, humid afternoon, where 1,500 people sat ready to hear the dedication given by the Union’s president, Lincoln aroused the American spirit with notes “of honored dead” that as Americans “take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion” and promises “that we (American people) here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.”
Lincoln caught hold of the audience with these notations and promises of a greater future ahead for a fledging country that has only been developing for, as Lincoln phrased it, “four score and seven years ago”- the 87 years that has seen this continent be thrust into a Revolutionary War, only to fight itself over additional rights, in a climactic, blood-ridden three-day battle that took place at this very site four months ago.
A strong theme evident in Lincoln’s speech was his point that no matter how much dedication goes towards Gettysburg, nothing can truly amount to honor the greatness that the men and women served on a grounds that saw 7500 soldiers killed in a mere three days. Lincoln constantly noted that while the dedication “is altogether fitting and proper… in a larger sense, we can not dedicate… we can not consecrate- this ground.”
Only a man as dignified and as respectful for this struggling nation as Lincoln could address these issues in such a gripping and relatable manner. It didn’t take him much words, but it had great affect on his audience yesterday afternoon.


Candice said...

Hey, good job Rhett. You got a lot of facts in there and it was very informative. I'm not sure if you need a sub-head. Did we need to put one in?

usumatty said...

Hey good job on your story, it flowed really well and was easy and interesting to read. I thought the quotes were good and informative, it just seemed all around really well written. No problem, I like reading about sports, and watching sports, and pretty much everything sports. I'm not a real huge NBA fan, but its ok. I like college basketball better, but like hockey football, and baseball too. I can talk sports forever and not get bored of it haha, it looks like your the same way, thats awesome. Anyway, have a good spring break, and ill see you next week in class.

britt said...

Wow! good job rhett! this sotroy was great, it has a lto of information in it and it all made sense. You have very creative wrting and it all flowed really well. ALso, i didnt know you wrote sport stories, that is awesome! they are all way good. Do you write or plan on writing for the statesmen? or is this just for fun?